Travel Made Easy For Seniors

Many people put off travel until they are older. They want to be more established, financially secure, and more mature before they travel. Unfortunately, traveling can be challenging for seniors. Weak knees, bladder control issues, poor eyesight and hearing can all make travel a little harder, and little less enjoyable. Here are a few tips for making travel easier for seniors:
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1. Get the right luggage.

Luggage with free spinning wheels that turn any way you do can make a huge difference for seniors. If you have something you have to carry, you may find yourself in pain, with arthritic joints screaming at you. Good luggage that fits the overhead bin, is easy to move, and easy to identify can make your travel easier.
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2. Plan for before the trip.

Go to the doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you might have.
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Refill all prescriptions. You do not want to be out of town and run out of a life-saving medication you need.

Make sure your legal papers are in order. This is a precaution, but it can provide peace of mind.
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Type up a list of contacts, medications you are on, etc. Make a photocopy of it as well as all of your travel documents, and keep them on you at all times.
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Call ahead to make sure airlines, hotels, car services, etc. all have anything you may need, such as wheelchairs, raised toilets, increased safety features, special meals, etc.

3. Bring a carry on with the essentials.
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What you bring is really important to the success or failure of your trip. For example, if you have incontinence, bringing a change of clothes, and some absorbent products and sanitary products to help you get through long flights, limited bathroom stops, and not as sanitary conditions (depending on where you travel) can make a world of difference. Pack your toiletries, a few outfits, medications, and anything else that is essential, into your carry on. That way, if your luggage got lost, you would still able to enjoy your travel while waiting for your bags.
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4. Have a plan for during the trip.

Know where bathrooms are- This will cut down accidents, and help you feel more confident.

Know what kind of shoes you should wear. Proper footwear can help you get through rocky terrain, and provide comfort on long walks.
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Plan your medications properly. This is especially important if traveling out of the country, as it can be challenging to get a prescription filled when you are not close to your doctors.

Consider bus tours over walking tours if you have trouble with mobility.
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The list could go on, the fact is, if you want your travel to go well, plan for the contingencies. You know what age-related concerns you have, so plan for them properly.
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5. Get travel insurance.

You will have greater peace of mind if you get travel insurance. If you were to slip and fall and break a hip, or have something life threatening happen, you would not lose your life savings and estate being life flown off a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. If your luggage is lost in transit, you would be able to get new clothing and toiletries to get your through your trip. It eliminates worries, and is usually very affordable.

Can You Really Travel for FREE?

There are very important reasons why the Travel Industry is looking for reliable Travel Coordinators. One of the major reasons is ‘International Travel Safety’ has become a major concern.

The Travel Industry has long since provided a way to help Americans Travel more safely.
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Again, this is an ancient old method of travel. Even the wagon trains traveling west were not exempt from this method.

Group Travel

Agencies are looking for Travel Addicts; I mean Coordinators all the time. I guess you are wondering why a Travel Agency would be looking for Travel Coordinators? Most people would say that would be the job of a Travel Agent.
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Wrong! Most Travel Agents do not travel that often. They are busy booking travel for their clients. They loose money every time they leave their office or computer. Its the Travel Coordinators that travel often.

Travel addicts are the people who arrange their life to accommodate last minute travel. Travel addicts usually will pay the rent or mortgage, however the 401K or any savings or investment of any kind is subject to finance travel at any given time.

A Group Travel Coordinator would have the following attributes: commitment, loves travel, likes people, have confidence in marketing themselves and their travel destination, can give attention to detail, love to coordinate, and can use common sense, then you qualify to Travel FREE.

This opportunity works out best when you start out as a hobby and turn it into a part-time job then a full-time business. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel – do what others have done before you.
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I know one retired man who started out selling an exotic travel party in the Caribbean each year. Word of mouth took over, because people really enjoyed themselves, and now he does not have to work a 9 to 5 job. The commission from booking 300 to 500 people a year into a 5 star resort on the islands each year, pays off BIG.


I suppose you are wondering how a Travel Coordinator just starting out travels FREE? Easy, when you book 6 people or 15 people or what ever number the Travel whole seller sets; one person goes FREE.

Example: Say you have 9 people that want to go to China. You have a mark-up of 15% on the wholesale price, plus you get one free hotel and air if 6 people sign-up. Your mother and father, sister and cousin, your girlfriend and her husband want to go and the lady at the church wants to go. And when another lady at the church found out from the Pastor that Mrs. J was going, so she decided to go. (Your husband said if he wants to see China he will go to Chinatown!) So you now have 8 people, 9 counting yourself.
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You get one free travel pass and you can decided to lower your package price at the last minute because you did not need the extra 15% mark-up, or you can keep it for any emergency during the trip or you can use it to market your next trip. It’s up to you!

Travel Coordinator Trivia. If you can see a problem already with the above travel group, then you truly understand Group Travel. Think about how you would handle the above situation BEFORE a problem occurs.

Holland History

Holland is situated in the region that lies in the central-western part of Netherlands. Holland is surrounded with colorful flower fields, windmills, and historic cities. Holland is an artistic place where people can find the world’s finest art. People of Holland are independent and friendly. Several structures like windmills, dikes, and canals are built to manage waterways in Holland.

The name Holland was a Viking word for “woodland”. It was visited by Vikings several times when Holland was called Frisia.

History of Holland dates back to the 9th century as a county of the Holy Roman Empire. Counts of Hainaut, Flanders, and Zeeland are similar to the counts of Holland. This extended for several periods dating back to the 13th and the 15th centuries. In the year 1432, Holland was considered a part of the Burgundian Netherlands. After 1477, it became a part of the Habsburg Seventeen Provinces.

Northern Dutch Provinces, including Holland gained freedom from the Habsburg-Spanish rule during the Eighty Years’ War that started in 1568 and continued until 1648. After this period, Holland became the most famous, prominent and prosperous part of the United Province.

After the year 1795, the Batavian republic was formed and was inspired by the French revolution. This led to a better and civilized government in Holland. An administrative reform was introduced in the year 1798, and its dominance on Holland was reduced to a great extent. In the same year, the territory of Holland was divided into several other branches. From the year 1806-1810, the Napoleonic Kingdom of Holland did not exist but included many parts of modern Holland. Holland was separated after the French occupation in the year 1810-1813. After 1813, Holland was re-established as a province of the Netherlands. Holland is actually a small part of The Netherlands consisting of provinces called South Holland and North Holland.

Guidelines for Booking an Airport Taxi Ride

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, one important consideration for any trip is transportation to and from the airport. While there are many options for airport transportation, one of the more popular choices is to take a taxi. While taxi transportation is very convenient and often the most cost-effective option, it can also turn into your worst nightmare with the wrong company or insufficient planning (you’ve likely heard a story about someone getting “taken for a ride” or missing their flight due to a missed taxi pick-up). By following a few guidelines, however, you can ensure successful taxicab travels and a happy begging and ending to any trip.

Your first consideration in your travel is determining which taxicab company to use. For airport transportation it is always best to use an airport taxi service. This is a company that specializes in airport transportation and understands the processes that are involved in picking-up and dropping-off passengers at the airport. Airport taxi companies typically have words “airport taxi” in the company name. If you are traveling in an unfamiliar city or do not often take taxis, it is always best to do a little research or ask for advice on which taxicab company to use. Some simple research can be done in just a couple of minutes by doing a quick Google search and then reading a few reviews of a potential taxicab company. If you know someone who travels often, give them a quick call to see what taxicab service they use. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the front desk clerk. It is recommended that you always use a company that provides you with a flat rate for your airport transportation. A flat rate ensures that you will pay the same price regardless of traffic conditions and which route the driver takes.

The next consideration is the pick-up time. It is recommended that you book your taxi at least 12 hours in advance to ensure availability. When going to the airport always be sure to consider travel time, including consideration for traffic and weather, and airport check-in time. When getting picked-up at the airport, schedule the pick-up 10-20 minutes after the expected arrival time depending on whether you have checked bags. It is recommended that you call the company right when you land and before you collect your baggage. Calling when you land not only allows you to confirm that your ride is scheduled but also informs the driver of your expected arrival time at the pick-up area. Many drivers will not arrive at the pick-up area until they have heard from the customer, as many airports limit the amount of time that a driver can wait in the pick-up area. In the case of a flight delay, call the company to inform them of the delay and the new expected arrival time to ensure availability at this new time.

Taxi transportation can make or break your satisfaction with any trip. By following these simple guidelines you can improve your chances of receiving reliable, high quality, cost-effective airport taxi transportation and ensure a happy beginning and ending to your trip.

Helicopter Pilot Training

When one talks of flying in any context, one of the most interesting aircraft to fly is the helicopter. Unlike other aircraft, a helicopter is smaller, powerful, and has excellent maneuverability; and the pilots have to be highly skilled in flying it. They must possess quick reflexes and must be able to make on-the spot-decisions. They must be able to handle the sensation of flying on every axis. Since this is a small, light craft, it has the unique ability of being able to perform a multi-faceted role, from just ferrying passengers to military missions in totally inaccessible areas such as forests and mountains to rescuing people in the ocean, to flying traffic reporters over a busy metropolis for an accurate account of the traffic situation, fire-fighting, etc. The roles are countless in number and invaluable as a service.

It is advisable to start with a flight medical examination that has to clear you for flying. It means good vision and no physical handicaps.

The training differs for people who hold no pilot ratings or a license–in other words, those who have never flown before and those who hold some license or rating as a pilot.

For first timers, twenty hours of flying instruction and then twenty hours of practice flying solo is required. This is followed by a written test that, once passed, then qualifies you for a check ride. The check ride is done under the supervision of someone from the aviation authority, who puts the pilot through a combined oral and practical exam.

Once qualified for a private helicopter license, one can move on to acquiring the commercial license.

As with all flying education, helicopter training is also expensive, anything upward of $10,000 should be considered at the outset. Though once you start flying, you very easily make up the amount spent on training. The armed forces provide a career option that includes flying all types of aircraft. If you have an aptitude for flying, then this can be a career option for you. A four-year degree is mandatory for enrollment, and you should be open to working anytime and anyplace.

A Quick Introduction to E-flite Helicopters

If you take a look at any RC helicopter catalog or online selection then you will note that there are a few brands that stand out above the rest. These brands are usually showcased to attract customers because they are so well respected among enthusiasts and beginners that have read about the hobby alike. However, while some of the names change from seller to seller, one will remain the same. E-flite helicopters are incredibly popular and have been for some time now so it may come as no surprise to find that they are always presented well. However, you need to know a little about them before investing!

The first thing that you should know about E-flite helicopters is that they offer high quality and value for money. Unlike some of the other brands out there, E-flite helicopters tend to be very sturdy and do not succumb to wear and tear easily. This not only means that maintenance rather than repair usually suffices but also that you spend less on it over the years, unless you want to customize your helicopters that is!

In addition to being of a high quality, E-flite helicopters are all higher performance, meaning that they can and so often do fly their other other branded counterparts. This is large because every single model takes advantage of the latest innovative technology that other brands just seem to reserve for their top of the range models. All E-flite helicopters seem to have that little something special about them as a result.

One of the main areas in which E-flite helicopters take full advantage of all of the latest developments is the electronics element of the models released. They all feature absolute state of the art electrical systems that have a minimal chance of experiencing difficulties. However, when they do go wrong they are not particularly difficult to fix and there are plenty of spare parts available at a reasonable price. This principle also holds for accessories so you can customize your E-flite helicopters as and when you like.

If you have yet to try out one of the many E-flite helicopters on the market then you may be pleasantly surprised at the stability and ease of flight that they have when in the air. The aerodynamics are understates but absolutely fantastic. This is large because E-flite pride themselves on having the most realistic flying experience of all brands but also have much to do with the cutting edge technology that each of the E-flite helicopters has on board.

As you can see from this quick guide to E-flite helicopters, they really have a number of advantages over other brands and should be at the head of your list in terms of which helicopters you choose. They are perfect for beginners to use in order to get a good handle on how to fly but also for the more experienced to use in order to have a great flight experience first time, every time. All you have to do now is choose one of the E-flite helicopters and go for it.

Scooter Safety

With the economy in shambles, many people are looking for ways to save on gas. A scooter is a very inexpensive way to travel. With gas mileage in the upper 80s, a scooter can not only go a long way on a tanks of gas, but it can save money when compared to other gas guzzling modes of transportation. The rise in popularity of the scooter is easy to understand. This rise in popularity must be accompanied with an increase in safety awareness. This article will give some tips for riders to stay safe out there on the road.

Safety begins with a properly functioning scooter. Be sure to check your scooter for operable turn signals, reflectors that are not bent or otherwise cracked, and a clean windshield if your scooter is so equipped. Ensure the headlamp shines brightly and is not covered with bugs or other debris. Finally, check the brakes regularly before you get going too fast.

Personal protective equipment is very important when riding your scooter. Weaving a helmet while riding is the law in many states but it is always a good idea. Even though a scooter will not go super fast, it can go fast enough to cause bodily harm, especially when cars get involved. Many riders like to wear reflective clothing to help them get seen while on their scooter.

Finally, when operating a scooter, be sure to maintain a safe speed. A scooter is not known for setting speed records but there can still be instances where a scooter can be going too fast for conditions. If it is raining, slow your scooter down to a reasonable speed to account for the slick roads your scooter may encounter. Always slow down for sharp turns when driving your scooter.

A scooter can be a lot of fun to drive and a big money-saver when it comes to gas. Driving your scooter safely can mean the difference between life and death. Pre-flight your scooter, wear the proper safety equipment when driving your scooter, and keep a good eye on your speed when driving your scooter. These tips can help keep you safe when operating your scooter .

Capitalizing On Last Minute Deals

Last minute airlines deals and last minute travel plans have a lot in common. Both come suddenly, out of the blue, abrupt at times, and both get people very, very excited. Last minutes deals can quite literally live up to their name depending on the season in the sense that they don’t last very long. One minute and they are gone from the internet. It may sound like you have to stalk the internet and be at the right place at the right time to avail them. Thankfully not. Online travel websites have made things much easier.

The Deals Come to You, Instead of You to Them

The entire concept is just pure genius. Travel websites have become increasingly smart and increasingly proactive. Proactive in the sense that they inform you the second an amazing deal surfaces on the internet. As a frequent user of these sites or a registered number (registration is free, generally), you can even set up ‘alarm’ with specific parameters that would go off once an airline deal matching your specific criteria becomes available in the given time frame. It is the best way to stay ahead in the game in order to capitalize on good deals.

Your Favorite Destinations, Your Favorite Carriers

Online bargains are in almost all cases better than the standard rates you get directly from the carrier. It is a marketing tactic used by airlines in order to promote their own carriers and lure more customers through different platforms. Online travel sites cash in on the bargain deals by providing them to their customers. You will find a list of your favorite travel spots being flown to by your favorite airlines carriers at an affordable price range. There is no catch. You get a bargain deal for your dream vacation.

Great Time to Cash in Sky Mileage

Accumulating Sky mileage is a great way to earn discounted airfare. The beauty of last minute deals is that they often time allow travelers to use it on top of the bargain deal. This makes a great dealer even sweeter and saves you money; money that you would love to spend on other things while on vacation. People who accumulate sky mileage should definitely keep their rewards points safe and handy for bargain deals. They can literally make a vacation costs pennies on the dollar.

Go Fly First’s Travel Website

Go Fly First offers an amazing online booking and travel experience to its customers. They take great pride in the system they have put in place literally everyone and anyone to capitalize on. It has everything a prospective traveler would need to book, manage and sort out any detail regarding their flight including last minute bargain deals. Special emphasis is given to First Class and Business Travelers as they are some of the most avid users of online travel systems. If you want a bargain airfare and are looking forward to going on vacation provided a great last minute deal comes around, you no longer have to look for it. It will come to you which means your vacation will come to you.

Travelling Around The World In 80 Days

If you’re planning a round the world trip but don’t know where to start, sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get those ideas flowing. Here’s an 80 day round the world itinerary to help get you going.

From London, why not begin your round the world trip by flying to India for a two week Golden Triangle and Varanasi experience. You can wander through the spice bazaars and silk markets of Jaipur, take a sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal and then travel by overnight train to Varanasi. The train journey, by itself, will be something that stays with you forever. Varanasi sits along the banks of the River Ganges, and pilgrims wash and sing gently on the ghats (stone staircases leading down to the water) from dawn until dusk.

Next, let your Round the World trip take you from Delhi to Bangkok to explore both the north and the south of Thailand. Stay in a floating hut on the River Kwai, try elephant trekking and bamboo rafting near Chiang Mai, take a sunset tuk-tuk tour to the temples of Ayutthaya, and do some totally tropical island hopping to Ko Samui.

The next stop could be Vietnam, where you can stroll along the blossom-lined boulevards of Old Hanoi, sleep aboard a traditional Chinese junk boat in Halong Bay, try a cookery lesson in Hoi An, crawl through the eerie Cu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City and sail through the Mekong Delta.

After this, why not carry on travelling around the world with a stop in Singapore, where you can enjoy the bright lights of this truly Asian city for a few days before departing for a whole new continent – Australia.

The Australia section of your round the world trip would begin in Cairns, a great base for visiting Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a good idea to spend a couple of days in a quirky central hotel before picking up a campervan. Spaceship Campervans even complete with a large double bed, gas cooker, fridge freezer, water tank, cooking utensils, an MP3/CD player and a mounted screen for watching DVDs in bed!

On your way to from Cairns to Sydney, you can snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, soak up the tropical atmosphere on Magnetic Island, go sailing in the stunning Whitsundays, explore Frasier Island, try surfing in Byron Bay, take a horseback ride through the forests and waterfalls of Mackay and even see a goat rodeo! Finally, you’ll reach stunning Sydney, where you’ll spend two nights before your round the world adventure continues. Sydney is a brilliant city with great restaurants, beautiful beaches, the famous harbour, and, of course, the Opera House.

Next, you can leave Australia and heading for South America – which would be the final stop on your round the world flight will take you to Santiago in Chile, where you can relax for a couple of days before getting active in Peru, where you can spot condors in Colca Canyon, try some Lake Titicaca island hopping, and take a two day trek to Machu Picchu.

Finally, if you go for this kind of round the world itinerary, you’ll fly home the UK after travelling around the world in 80 days.

South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA) is the largest domestic and international airline company in the whole of South Africa. Its headquarters are located in Airways Park, which is on the grounds of the OR Tambo International Airport. The company flies to 37 destinations worldwide, and has hubs in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Before South African Airways, there was the Union Airways, which the South African government bought and was given its current name in 1934. The company’s growth was relatively slow, being heavily effected by WWII. However, in 1945, SAA achieved a longtime company goal; operating a route through to Europe.

In the 1950s, the Boeing 707 was implemented, followed by several newer models of the “jet age”. Further advances happened regularly until the 1970s, where even though the airline was steadily growing; the effects of apartheid were starting to show regarding the international status of the airline. The U.S. Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 banned all flights by South African-owned carriers including SAA. In 1987, SAA’s services to Perth and Sydney were ended, due to Australia’s opposition to apartheid.

In more recent years, SAA launched a restructuring, which was aimed to ensure that all employees are skilled up to date with current international standards, and to resize the business to make it more profitable.

SAA flies to five domestic destinations and 32 international destinations in 26 countries and along with British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways and United Airlines – is one of only nine airlines that fly to all six inhabited continents.